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Why Feline Digestive Enzymes are So Important for Your Cat

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Diet is paramount when considering the health of your cat.

Felines are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat in order to survive. Unfortunately, a lot of food out there offered for cats contains little meat and is filled with grain. Felines naturally produce the enzymes required to absorb all the nutrition from meat, NOT grain. That fact makes a 100% meat menu the BEST regimen to promote a high quality of life - with raw meat being the ideal choice.

However, let's be realistic, not everyone has the time or means to switch their cat over to a raw meat diet overnight. That's where we come in. Our goal here at Dr. Goodpet is to make sure your feline is as healthy and happy as possible, no matter the circumstances.

That's why we formulated Feline Digestive Enzymes, to ensure your little friend is fully capable of digesting food with ease and absorbing all the nutrients they can, raw or otherwise.

Convenient and easy to use, our high potency enzyme powder helps maximize digestion while aiding in pancreatic, kidney and liver function. Not to mention helping control diarrhea, hairballs and/or a sluggish appetite.

So if you feel that your cat's digestive health may be lacking and you want to make sure they're absorbing all the nutrients they need to thrive, don't worry. Add Feline Digestive Enzymes to their diet and they're covered. Your cat will thank you for it! :)

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