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​Miraculous Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs & Cats

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Lately, coconut oil has gained momentum as one of the leading health foods on the market, and for good reason. Use of the highly nutritious oil extracted from fresh coconuts has demonstrated 3 incredible benefits aside from increased energy, fat loss, protecting hair and skin from harmful sun rays and boosting brain function, to name a few.

What’s most exciting is that in recent years, these same health benefits, and more, have been displayed by Canines and Felines alike! Our lovable dogs and cats can enjoy the very same improvements in overall health and wellness. 

The unique composition of fatty acids in coconut oil is responsible for its capacity as a nutritional powerhouse – especially good at helping to heal and soothe skin rashes and hot spots. In fact, the most abundant fatty acid in coconut oil, Lauric Acid, is an extremely efficient natural killer of dangerous pathogens, including microbes like unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

It sounds almost too good to be true – that’s nature for you! But remember, when choosing a coconut oil be sure it is Virgin Oil, meaning it is a higher quality, unrefined product retaining all of its magical health promoting properties. Our  Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is as good as it gets! It's made from 100% organically grown coconuts, with absolutely NO chemicals or preservatives added.  

Add this superfood to your pet’s diet and take advantage of its healing powers today.  

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