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CBD/Hemp Oil

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Cannabidiol, or CBD is a very potent medicinal compound found in hemp and cannabis plants alike. Recent studies are showing that CBD is unique in it’s wide-ranging healing capacity while also being essentially non-psychoactive. In fact, CBD has a powerful calming effect on the mind and body, serving as a natural, plant-based anti-anxiety medicine. As nature would have it, all mammals, including dogs and cats have a built in network of receptors called the “endocannabinoid system.” Stimulation of these cannabinoid receptors has been shown to have significant healing potential in the treatment of inflammation, pain, seizures, separation anxiety and depression.  

Dr. Goodpet's CBD Therapy is created with purity and maximum effectiveness in mind, and combines just two ingredients: cannabidiol-rich organic plant extract with wild crafted MCT oil for enhanced absorption. By mixing the CBD- rich extract with MCT (fractioned coconut oil)and simply adding to food, it will cross the blood-brain-barrier for excellent absorption. You will not find a more effective cbd product on the market!

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